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Therapeutic Hypnosis is the most successful method available for quitting smoking

Therapeutic Hypnosis works for everyone. Some people respond quickly while others require more time. Not everyone will do what we see on a stage with Stage Hypnosis. But everyone can use Therapeutic Hypnosis to make changes in their life.

You May Find it Easy to Get Started.

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Hypnosis is the process of working in harmony with the natural way that your brain operates. Everyone can be guided into a place of hypnosis. Some people go deeper than others. We see the deepest ones at stage shows and they are being asked to do some of the most difficult things- in front of an audience!

However, for quitting smoking we are only asking you to do something you are already motivated to do – all the privacy of your own mind.

A study presented October 22, 2007 at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians found that therapeutic hypnosis was more than twice as effective as quitting “cold turkey,” and over three times as effective as nicotine replacement therapy.


Quit Smoking with Hypnosis - Edmonton Hypnotherapy Clinic

Statistics about quit smoking aids;

Those who quit going cold turkey have a 4% success rate.
Those who quit using patch or gum have a 6% success rate
Those who quit using drugs like Champex have a 12% success rate
Those who quit using hypnosis have an 85% success rate.

1/2 pack per day costs $2200.00 per year 
Full pack per day costs $4400.00 per year

Research shows that a single session of hypnosis has a 12% success rate while a four session process has an 85% success rate.



Maintaining a smoking habit is very expensive and you can use that money in much better places. Perhaps a beach vacation, pay off those credit cards or pay off that mortgage!


But Will Therapeutic Hypnosis Last?

In a study, “Hall and Crasilneck” used a four hypnosis session protocol for smoking cessation. Eighty two percent of the people that responded to their follow-up survey had not smoked a single cigarette since the fourth session! They sent the surveys out between one and four years later, indicating therapeutic hypnosis for smoking cessation is effective long-term. There have been other studies done but most of them show only short term effects.


How Many Sessions? – AS MANY AN NEEDED! – With Our “YOU CAN DO IT!” Program

Getting free from tobacco is a different journey for each person. Our “YOU CAN DO IT!”program is a one price system for all smokers. Here, we work together until you are free from tobacco . Most people are free from tobacco within 4-6 sessions but some need 7,8 or more. Whatever is needed to get you free from tobacco is how many sessions we will complete! Everyone Quits – All for one price. (Please contact us for up to date pricing)


Guarantee – In addition to all of this, our “YOU CAN DO IT!” program includes our support for one full year after your last appointment. If you find yourself struggling with even thoughts of tobacco, call us and we will bring you back in for more sessions. This is what makes our ‘YOU CAN DO IT!” program so successful. This is all part of the program designed to assure you of your freedom from tobacco. By following the simple instructions given, you can be assured of your freedom from tobacco Please contact us for up to date pricing for this program.


No Charge Consultation

If you are still feeling unsure, we would be happy to provide a no charge consultation at our offices. Here we can meet for up to one hour and answer all of your questions and explain in more detail how this will work for you.

*The Statistics*

Research shows that the success rate for therapeutic hypnosis is above 82%. Compare that to the success rates of trying to quit without help 5%, using behavior therapy 18% or using Nicotine Replacement Products, 12%. Hypnosis is the wisest choice. *In fact, there is no other method supported by research with this kind of success rate.

Who else says hypnosis is a good way to stop?

“Hypnosis is a viable means to stop smoking” – 1989 Surgeon General Report to congress on nicotine addiction.

I’ll just use the patch or nicotine gum
Nicotine gum has a success rate of about 10 percent.


I can tough it out by myself…
New Scientist Magazine says “Will power alone has a success rate of only 6 percent”


OK, but what is the easiest way to stop smoking?
“The easiest way to break bad habits is through hypnosis” – Newsweek Magazine


If you would like a no charge consultation, have questions, or would like to get started, please contact us today!

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